Urea Plastic Blast Media

Avialite Type II – Urea Plastic Blast media (3.5 moh; 54-62 Barcol Hardness)

Avialite Type II - Urea Plastic Blast media is typically the most popular and versatile of the plastic medias. Manufactured from fully-cured recycled amino mouldings.

Avialiote Type II plastic blast media can be used in wet or dry blasting environments, and is the middle hardness of the thermo-set plastic medias, which also includes Mac’Ants products – Avialite Type III and Type V.

The material allows the controlled removal of surface coatings, paint , dirt, flash and burr from a variety of substrates, without damaging or peening the substrate, and at the correct pressures and conditions can achieve as much as a 6-12x recycle usage of the plastic media.

This is due to the random ‘blocky/angular’ shape of the particle, and its thermoset qualities which will not shatter on impact and will rather ware down.

Optimum performance, is gained at relatively low pressures – typically 15-40 psi (1-3 bar) – lower than is used for many other blast media’s, and hence offers environmentally friendly solutions with regards to recycling of the product and by using very low air pressures .

All Avialite Type II media is manufactured to high aviation (ROLLS ROYCE CSS227), and military (US MILITARY P-85891A) sieving and hardness specifications, (Full US Military P-85891a first article testing is available on request to comply with our Mil Spec registration), and as such can be used in the following industries.

  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Aerospace
  • Tyre & Rubber Applications
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Public Transport
  • Civil & Marine Engineering
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