Water Blasting Equipment

High pressure cleaning is a specialised service ARMC offers to its office, strata and commercial clients.

Our water blasting equipment is of a professional machinery standard which produces a first-class result, not the cheaper less-effective alternatives commonly offered by the average home handyman.

Our high pressure water blasting service utilises a heavy duty Australian eco-clean water blaster powered by a 13HP Honda engine. The cleaning unit is trailer mounted but can be moved inside premises for easy access if required.

The unit is able to deliver 4000psi of water pressure and naturally, we hold water usage permits issued by Sydney Water.

Examples of cleaning applications for water blasting high pressure cleaning are:

  • Cleaning paved courtyards and paths & pebblecrete
  • High pressure cleaning of sandstone & sandstone walls
  • Water blasting cleaning of fences & other metallic structures
  • Pressure cleaning pools, pergolas, patios & decks etc.
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